About Laid Bare Theatre

Kim Wiltshire’s first full length play, Joy With Child, was produced by Organised Chaos in 2010 and was longlisted (top twenty) for the Bruntwood Prize in 2009. Her short play The Loser was produced by Scenepool in Camden People’s Theatre in 2009 and she was a curator for the Alligator Club, a co-operative of North West playwrights, creating pop up theatre events throughout 2013, curating and writing for two of these shows:

‘Blackout’ at The Dukes, Lancaster and the very successful ‘Pages From My Songbook’ at The Royal Exchange Studio in July 2013, which sold out for all performances. She is part of the Royal Exchange’s Next Stages playwright group, recently writing the monologue ‘Triple The Price of Fruit Cake’ for the Come Closer event in April Kim is Lead Artist for Community Arts and Health for Lime Arts (providing match funding) and has had several commissions for scripts for both theatre and film from youth and community groups across Manchester (Activ8, Burnley Youth Theatre, Lets Go Global).

Kim is currently Programme Leader for Creative Writing at Edge Hill University and her book Writing For Theatre was published by Palgrave Macmillan in December 2015.

Associate Artists include:

Paul Hine (director/writer/theatre maker) specialises in creating innovative multimedia theatre with performers and non-performers, producing work for The Royal Exchange Theatre, including Waiting For The Baccy Man staring Sally Lindsey and A View From Guide Bridge staring Ian Redford. Paul’s portfolio also includes a piece of promenade theatre set in a disused mill (Mid-Pennine Arts in collaboration with Burnley Youth Theatre) which was presented to The Prince of Wales. Paul’s first play Just A Game was workshopped by Stephan Escreet and headlined at Dys-Play festival at Theatre Technis, Camden. In addition, Paul delivers, manages and maintains community arts projects for various arts and social organizations across the North West.

Gino Evans’ first piece Trampman combined both theatre with film, receiving a Studio Salford Award. Gino created the multimedia aspects for Marcus Hercules Different Perspectives and Wife Clone at The Robert Powell theatre before becoming Artist in Residence at Contact Theatre, developing his multimedia theatre piece Myasthenia Gravis. Through his production company ‘Brickhouse Productions’ he has directed over 100 short films since 2008, working most notably on BBC You Tube Kids comedy sketches and Bus Baby, which won the 2010 Virgin Shorts Film award, and the Liverpool Lift Off Festival 2013.

Other artists working with Laid Bare Theatre include:
Mark Haig – Visual Artist and Film Actor
Theo Kirkpatrick – Film Maker
Dave Ross – Crew
Fionna Boakes – Crew
Scott Hatton – Crew
Rhiannon Clifford – Crew
Lucy Lincoln – Crew
Anthony Singleton –  Actor
John Postlethwaite – Actor
Gemma Nuttall – Actor
Mateesha Greaves – Actor
Jamie Jones – Actor
Conner Mullen –  Actor
Hayley Thomas – Actor
Jack Wealthall – Actor
Reuben Johnson – Actor
Stephen Marzella – Actor
Amy Drake – Actor
Amy Gavin – Actor
Rosina Carbone – Actor
Andrew Pollard – Actor
Chloe Wade – Actor
Liam Tims – Actor
Holly Kavanagh – Actor
Rosalind Chappelle – Stage Manager
Sam Irvine – Technician
Simon Brookes – Technician
Meriel Pym – Designer
Kay Haynes – Lighting Designer
Rachel Bartholomew – Marketing and Publicity
David Ross – Graphic Design
Craig Bailey – Toshi Dog design for marketing visuals and performance visuals