Fantastic Development Days!

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After the success we had with Project XXX, Paul Hine and Kim Wiltshire have just spent three days at The Edge Arts Centre in Chorlton working on our new play The Value of Nothing with four fantastic actors – Chloe Wade, Chris Hollinshead, Reuben Johnson and Holly Kavanagh – and multimedia artist Mark Haig. We worked on some major rewrites, and had a rehearsed reading on the afternoon of Friday 17th April with some fab people who came along and really helped us out! The next stage is to look at some scratch performances before we go on to full production, and with the help of our audience on Friday it seems that there is definitely something there for us to work on!

The play follows John, a community artist who wants more – he wants to actually help end poverty. The play includes a documentary that follows a project Paul and Kim have run with a group of young men in Bolton called Mr One Million – so the piece mixes real life and fictionalised stories. It is quite an ambitious piece, but it has some important discussion points to take out to audiences, which is of course part of Laid Bare’s whole ethos. We are aiming to tour in Autumn 2016.

Watch this space for more news!